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Jeff Bezos buying NFL team? Amazon co-founder reportedly making move to fund Commanders purchase

The sale of the Washington Commanders is getting interesting. One of the main interested parties is Amazon co-founder and owner Jeff Bezos, who has consistently been viewed as a potential buyer.

Bezos might be warming up for a bid. According to a report from the New York Post, he might be looking to sell the Washington Post in order to generate enough funds to buy the Commanders.

The Washington Post came under fire last month after a publisher disclosed layoff plans in a leaked video. The journal has posted countless stories of what has transpired inside the Commanders’ organization under Dan Snyder’s ownership over the previous decade.

It’s also unlikely that Snyder would make things easier for Bezos because of many publications against the current Commanders’ owner since the Amazon co-founder purchased the Washington Post in 2013 for $250 million. However, reports say Bank of America is courting Bezos to make a bid even as the current owner isn’t a huge fan of the Amazon owner.

A statement from the Washington Post has denied the rumors of the publication being for sale. Since Bezos has a net worth of $100 billion, this is far from being a problem if he decides to submit a bid for an NFL team.

Statement from a Washington Post spokesperson: “The Post is not for sale.”

Why is Dan Snyder selling the Commanders?

NFL owners are unhappy with Snyder because he has embarrassed the league with his antics. They are not pushing for his departure due to greed or pettiness. They want Snyder out because he has been a really bad owner.

The expected value for Washington’s sale is between $5-6 billion. The sale should surpass the recent acquisition of the Denver Broncos, as the Walton-Penner Ownership Family Group spent $4.65 billion to become the new owners.

Dan Snyder has hired bankers to kick-start the selling process. He has been with the franchise for over two decades, but success on the field has been scarce. The franchise has won three Super Bowls. None of them came during Snyder’s tenure. This is why fans are so happy to see ownership finally change hands.

With a team placed in the U.S. capital, there will be no shortage of interest. They’re located in one of the league’s biggest markets and are one of its most storied franchises.

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