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Stephen Colbert Taunts Fox News Over Its Dumb New Freakout

Stephen Colbert is putting Fox News on blast for its latest attempt at trying to manufacture an outrage, this time over the Xbox video game system.

A recent software update allows older models to go into an energy-saving mode when not in use as part of corporate owner Microsoft’s push to reduce carbon emissions.

And Fox News has been melting down over it, with network host Ainsley Earhardt accusing Microsoft of “going woke, too, because of climate change.”

“They want us to turn off our Xbox?” Colbert cracked in mock outrage. “What’s next? They’re gonna tell me to turn off my car engine when I pull into the garage? How am I supposed to fall asleep now?”

Colbert said Fox News went even further by making it about “grooming” kids.

Jimmy Failla, a contributor to the right-wing network, accused Microsoft of “trying to recruit your kids into climate politics at an earlier age.”

“You’re right, they’re going after the children,” Earhardt agreed.

Colbert sarcastically agreed, too.

“Yes, why are they corrupting our kids’ innocent activities like Italian plumbers taking mushrooms and killing turtles or driving a stolen ice cream truck through a crack house,” he said.

See more in his Wednesday monologue:

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