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WWE Hall of Famer hospitalized in LA ahead of event

WWE’s WrestleMania weekend is here, and as a result, a large part of the wrestling world has converged in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, WWE Hall of Famer Bushwhacker Butch, who was also present in the city, had to be hospitalized, according to reports.

For fans who may not be familiar with them, The Bushwhackers were some of the most famous wrestlers who signed with WWE when the company was still in the middle of its national expansion. They were exposed to the world and had a comedic style of wrestling that was an instant hit for fans. Their act saw them licking their opponents as well as their famous marching style with their hands by their sides.

For their immense contributions and exciting careers, Butch and Luke were inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015.

However, unfortunate news is now being reported about one-half of the legendary tag team. Butch Miller was hospitalized in LA after he had flown in from New Zealand. He was set to reunite with his cousin and member of the Bushwhackers, Luke Williams, to make a series of signings. They were set to be at the Wrestlecon event this weekend as well. Unfortunately, he was stricken ill soon after arriving and was taken to a local hospital, according to PWInsider.

The cause of his illness is yet to be determined at this point.

I want to be best friends with Bushwhacker Butch. #WWEHOF

We at Sportskeeda wish Bushwhacker Butch well and a swift recovery from whatever illness he is currently suffering.

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