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Fans React To Top NBA Prospect’s Unbelievable Skills

An NBA logo is shown at the 5th Avenue NBA store on March 12, 2020 in New York City. The National Basketball Association said they would suspend all games after player Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz reportedly tested positive for the Coronavirus
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The NBA Draft has always been where teams find the next great superstars in the league.

There are not many elite NBA players that have gone undrafted.

Also, being selected first overall is one of the great honors an NBA player can have.

We have seen some NBA legends selected first overall, but we have also seen some busts.

One player who seems to be the next star in the NBA is Victor Wembanyama.

He is 7’2″ and has the skills of a point guard.

He can shoot, handle the ball, defend, and rebound.

Wembanyama has spent this season playing in France, and he will be entering the 2023 NBA draft.

At only 19 years old, he does things you rarely see in the NBA.

Like this video from NBA Central where he puts back his own missed shot.

Wembanyama is one of the most hyped players in some time.

He seems like a sure thing to be the first overall pick and will have sky-high expectations.

The French star almost looks like someone you can create in NBA 2K.

His skill set has rarely been seen in the NBA.

While most fans are enamored by his skill set, some do not believe his skills will translate to the NBA.

NBA fans can not wait for Wembanyama to make the shift to the NBA.

He will be must-see TV, and it will be fun to see how his skills translate.

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