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Leaks suggest Street Fighter 6 may be having an open beta later on this April

Speculation regarding an open beta for Street Fighter 6 has been going around in the community for quite a while. Fans of the series want to get a taste of what this game will offer upon its release in June 2023.

However, it seems like their wishes might be fulfilled, as a brand new leak suggests that CAPCOM’s latest fighting game title might be getting an open beta towards the end of April.

As always, leaks should be taken with a grain of salt, but the source seems confident regarding their statement.

Today’s hot “leak” on JP FGC Twitter:Eiko Kano, a talent and streamer who is regularly invited to Capcom TV, casually mentioned that SF6 will hold an open beta later this month while streaming Dead by Daylight.He didn’t seem aware that this wasn’t officially announced yet.…

Leaker claims that he is surprised that CAPCOM has still not announced a Street Fighter 6 open beta

Street Fighter 6 had two closed betas during the second half of 2022. However, both of those were based on invitations by CAPCOM. As a result, the general public did not get a chance to try out the game or the brand new features.

As it happens, a popular streamer and content creator from Japan named Eiko Kano recently claimed that Street Fighter 6 should get an open beta towards the end of April 2023. He is a pretty big personality in the Fighting Game Community (FGC) in Japan and is regularly invited by CAPCOM to their special events.

He even went on to claim that he is surprised that the company has not yet made this information public.

This is definitely pretty big news, as an open beta will satisfy not just the general public but several personalities like Justin Wong who have been vocal about an open beta for the game.

How many RT and LIKES for Capcom to give us an OPEN BETA before SF6 launches?!?! @CapcomFighters

The problem is that CAPCOM did not make any announcements during the Street Fighter V tournament at EVO Japan 2023 that took place last weekend. Almost everyone was quite sure that the open beta would be announced, but it did not happen.

The Game Director for Street Fighter took to Twitter and stated the following on that day:

“Not today.I’m sorry”

This sparked some speculation in the community that if he said “not today” it would mean something will happen in the future. Unfortunately, he went silent after that and has not spoken about anything remotely close to an open beta.

Not today.I’m sorry🙏

However, this personality from Japan, who has close ties to CAPCOM, speaking openly about the open beta will definitely give hope to the fans. As such, players will hope that this statement becomes a reality later in April.

Street Fighter 6 will officially be released on consoles and PCs on June 2, 2023.

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