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How to fix, possible reason, and more

Call of Duty Warzone 2 has randomly started displaying a new error called Hillcat to the player base. It obstructs the gameplay experience by interrupting the application and exiting forcefully. The exact problem causing this error code to surface is yet to be uncovered. Warzone 2 had a rocky start, with various errors and bugs plaguing the battle royale title. Activision deployed different patches to tackle these problems and improve the overall experience. However, multiplayer games tend to break due to many moving aspects and require constant attention.

Let us look at the best fixes and possible reasons for the error code Hillcat in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 error code Hillcat workarounds and possible reasons


Activision introduced its latest multiplayer series to improve the community’s gameplay experience. While Modern Warfare 2 came with only a few quirks, Warzone 2 drew a short stick and faced severe backlash due to its poor optimization. The developers managed to fix most of the issues occurring on the player and the server side throughout Season 1.

Players can follow the steps below to try fixing the Hillcat error.

  • Check your internet connection: The game client may have been unable to connect to the official servers. A quick connection reset can help solve this issue.
  • Verify file integrity of game files: For Steam users, right-click on the game and click on properties. Head to “Local files” and click “Verify integrity of game files.” For, click on the gear icon and click on “Scan and Repair.”
  • Reboot router: A fresh restart of the network router can also solve game client connection issues. The same can be done for other routers that extend the network for a stable connection.
  • Reinstall: This should be considered the last option when fixing the error code Hillcat. Reinstalling the entire game is highly likely to improve the whole issue if all other methods fail.

It is important to note that these methods may not work for all players. However, some of these workarounds have proven effective for a percentage of the community.

Possible reasons


The Warzone 2 Hillcat error is reportedly a server-side error. Various elements can affect the connection between the game and the official servers. One of the most common issues is traffic, which can overwhelm the servers. This can cause game clients to be unable to establish a stable connection, interrupting the session.

The game client can also fail to connect to the servers due to a network error on the player’s side. However, the error code is usually displayed when the system detects an issue on the server side.

When writing this article, Activision had not officially addressed the issue. Players can watch Call of Duty’s official Twitter page for further developments. Be sure to follow Sportskeeda for the latest updates.

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