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Logan Paul asks JiDion to move seats at UFC 287 because he did not want to be on camera, community reacts

Popular YouTuber Jidon “JiDion” livestreamed his experience at UFC 287 on April 9, 2023. He also collaborated with some well-known internet personalities, such as Adin Ross and Nico “Sneako.”

The streamer was spotted sitting next to YouTube star Logan Paul. However, as the broadcast progressed, the latter asked JiDion to move seats because he did not want to be on camera and be livestreamed.

The streamer complied with Logan Paul’s request and shifted a few spots. He responded to the situation by saying:

“I’m chilling, chat. Chat, I’m chilling.”

Logan Paul asked JiDion to move seats at #UFC287 because Logan didn’t want to be on camera all night. #DramaAlert Do you think this reason was valid? 🤔

Taking a look at JiDion’s interaction with Logan Paul at UFC 287

At the two-hour mark of his livestream on April 9, 2023, Logan Paul initiated a conversation with the 22-year-old and asked him if he would be willing to switch seats. He was heard saying:

“Would you mind wanting to switch seats with us? Just because we don’t feel like being livestreamed online. Or you can move down, this way. You know what I’m saying?”

The former Twitch streamer stated that he could swap places with an individual named Chris and that he was “cool” with it. Logan Paul responded:

“You promise? You promise, bro? You promise? Don’t be mad. I just don’t feel like wanting to be on the camera, all night. You know? All right, thanks, bro. F**k, I’m sorry, bro.”


Timestamp: 02:27:50

After moving places, the content creator added:

“I mean, we were there first technically. But… it’s all good. I’m not sure, bro. It is what it is.”

“He looked annoyed to be sat next to JiDion” – Online community reacts to the streamer’s clip

DramaAlert’s tweet featuring the YouTuber’s interaction with Logan Paul at UFC 287 drew a lot of traction on the social media platform. Along with the comments of over 70 community members, Twitter user @NaimForex wrote:

@DramaAlert Logan seemed more interested in trying to look cool for the celebs in the building than acknowledge a friend. I get not being filmed but even before he knew about the stream, he looked annoyed to be sat next to JiDion.

Meanwhile, another user, @ItzDoodles, claimed that Logan Paul had a “valid reason”:

@DramaAlert Valid reason. Although I’m surprised he didn’t use the opportunity to just have a bottle of Prime in frame at all times, maybe he didn’t have one on him so it wasn’t worth it.

Some of the more pertinent reactions were along these lines:

@DramaAlert It’s definitely a valid reason, it was just such an awkward interaction because Logan is hammered.

@DramaAlert I mean it’s valid and he was being respectful. Not sure why Jidion seemed so taken back

@DramaAlert Logan’s on camera 24/7 he shouldn’t have a problem probably just going through something rn

@DramaAlert I feel that is a reasonable request honestly, but on the other side of things, Logan is out in public and has no reasonable expectation to privacy. I would understand if jidion didn’t move either. but Jidion is a good guy. W Jidion.

JiDion is a popular content creator who shifted to broadcasting on the Google-owned platform after being indefinitely banned from Twitch. For those unaware, he was embroiled in a feud with Imane “Pokimane” in 2022. He was eventually de-platformed after he instructed his viewers to spam the infamous phrase “L + Ratio” in the Moroccan-Canadian streamer’s chat room.

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