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Maury Povich wants ‘slick’ Aaron Rodgers to pass lie detector test on hit show

Could Aaron Rodgers go on the Maury Povich Show? The show’s host certainly wants to see him on. The show usually features normal people in the midst of custody or DNA battles and Rodgers’ appearance would be very different.

However, Povich believes there are things he could ask Rodgers about, namely his relationship with his family. That’s a subject Povich has had some experience interviewing about.


The host also believes that Rodgers would be interested in coming on the show. He believes the challenge and the game might be too much for the enigmatic quarterback to pass up.

Povich said via the Athletic:

“He obviously likes games. I think Rodgers believes that gamesmanship is part of his DNA.”

Povich went on to say:

“Absolutely. Oh, man, I’m a veteran of three decades of shows that deal with these kinds of qualities. I’m a pretty good interviewer. I really believe the best interviewers are good listeners. You listen, and then you poke. And maybe Rodgers is so slick that he thinks he can beat the lie detector.”

The television host is confident he can get to the root of things with Rodgers. The quarterback’s relationship with his family has been the subject of much debate.

No one truly knows why the future Hall of Famer has opted to be estranged with his family, but Povich believes an appearance on his show could settle things.

When will Aaron Rodgers be traded?

It has been a month since Aaron Rodgers went on the Pat McAfee Show and said he intended to play for the New York Jets next season. He is currently still a member of the Green Bay Packers, though they reportedly want to move on.

Why isn't Aaron Rodgers in New York?
Why isn’t Aaron Rodgers in New York?

There’s something holding the deal up. The Packers want a lot and the Jets feel that they’re asking too much. However, a trade is still very likely.


It will probably happen before the NFL Draft, since picks in the draft figure to be a central piece of the package. The Jets will need to give the Packers their picks so Green Bay can actually use them.

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