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NFL Analyst Believes Lamar Jackson’s Ravens Future Is Still In Question

Head coach John Harbaugh interacts with Lamar Jackson #8 of the Baltimore Ravens prior to playing against the Cincinnati Bengals at M&T Bank Stadium on October 13, 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland.
(Photo by Dan Kubus/Getty Images)


The Baltimore Ravens have had an awkward offseason so far.

Once they decided to put the non-exclusive franchise tag on quarterback Lamar Jackson there became a strong chance of him leaving.

He has not negotiated a contract with any teams yet, but Jackson did request a trade from Baltimore.

Yet, the Ravens’ most recent signing makes it seem as if Jackson will return.

Baltimore agreed to a one-year, $15 million deal with wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

You would think Beckham would only accept that deal if he was going to play with Jackson.

However Peter Schrager said on the Pat McAfee Show that: “Everyone thought the Odell signing was the green light to get a Lamar Jackson deal done but it’s still not done yet.”

The Ravens went out and got another elite playmaker with the hopes that it would make Jackson happy.

But, Jackson still wants to reset the quarterback market.

He is looking for something larger than what Deshaun Watson received, and until he gets an offer close to that he may not sign.

Jackson is a former league MVP, and he is still only 26 years old.

It is rare for a player of his caliber to ever hit free agency, and while he is not a free agent, he can discuss contracts with other teams.

If the Ravens are smart they will quickly try and resolve the contract issues with their franchise quarterback.

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