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What does a Chief Mourner mean in Korean tradition? ASTRO Moonbin’s sister to oversee funeral wake

K-pop girl group Billlie’s member Moon Sua, the younger sister of ASTRO’s Moonbin, will be handling all the responsibilities of her brother’s funeral as Chief Mourner, as per several South Korean outlets on April 20, 2023. The duo shared a deep bond that was known by many as they often went viral for their interactions.

The role of Chief Mourner, aka the Sangju, is of great importance in the South Korean funeral tradition. Usually, the responsibility is given to the eldest son or grandson, or the one closest to the deceased. Sangju is in charge of preparing the body, making sure the funeral wake goes according to Korean traditions, and organizing everything from start to finish.

Chief mourner is a BIG responsibility in Korean culture..My heart goes out to Moonbin’s family and friends♡

In Korean custom, it is believed that the Sangju “lets” their loved one pass away. In return for this, they are tasked with all pre-burial, funeral rites and memorial responsibilities.

In recent times, pre-funeral rites are usually done by professionals. However, Chief Mourner still has to be a central part of it. Other responsibilities of Sangju include seeing guests and accommodating them.

ASTRO Moonbin’s sister Moon Sua of Billlie listed as Chief Mourner, fans react with heavy heart

One for all, all for one!Kpop Girl Group “Billie” has postponed and cancelled their activities to mourn the passing of the member Sua’s brother, ASTRO’s Moonbin. Sua is also named the chief mourner for her brother’s funeral. 😔Still heartbroken for this#weloveyoumoonbin

In the wee hours of April 20, reports announced that ASTRO’s main dancer and lead vocalist, Moonbin, passed away on April 19 at approximately 8:10 pm KST. The news left the Korean entertainment industry and fandom in shock. K-pop fans got especially concerned about Moonbin’s younger sister, Moon Sua, who is also a K-pop idol.

On April 20, Billlie’s agency announced that the group had canceled their activities for the week. It was also reported that Moon Sua had been appointed Chief Mourner, aka Sangju, in the wake of her brother’s funeral.

Fans who were already heartbroken over Moonbin’s news were devastated to learn about Moon Sua’s Chief Mourner duties. They talked about the many Moon siblings moments they witnessed and sympathized with how difficult the entire experience would be for the Billlie member.

the fact that sua will be the chief mourner at his funeral absolutely makes me heart break more to have his little sister take that responsibility its absolutely devastating

it’s said that jinjin and sanha immediately go to funeral home late at night as soon as they heard the news and been there since that…… and sua will be the chief mourner along with their parents…. 🥲💔

Currently, the late Moonbin is buried at Asan Central Medical Center, while his younger sister, Moon Sua, is reported to be the chief mourner for his brother’s funeral.According to information, the body will be buried on April 22 at 8 am local time.#MoonBinWeLoveYou #MOONBIN

“Sua will be the chief of mourner for the funeral.” Reading that news broke me into a pieces.

His sister as the chief mourner 🥺 be strong Sua ya, I know it’s gonna be hard to letting go of your beloved brother 😣…

I couldn’t sleep and the first thing I see on the TL is the wake’s image of Binnie’s angelic smile next to Sua’s name as chief mourner and I lost it

Sua cancelled all her schedules for this week according to Mystic Entertainment and she is the Chief mourner for Moonbin’s funeral.Be strong, Sua! 😔

ASTRO members Cha Eun-woo, Rocky, and more are reportedly at the mortuary

As per reports, ASTRO’s MJ, who was completing his military service, took an emergency leave after the devastating news. He went directly to the funeral home. Rocky, who left the group and agency some time ago, also arrived at the mortuary. Sanha and ASTRO leader Jinjin have been at the mortuary with Moonbin’s bereaved family since the night of the news.

Meanwhile, Cha Eun-woo, who attended Coachellea 2023, was reported to have taken an urgent flight back home from the US. He is expected to reach Seoul on the evening of April 20.

Moonbin, 25, was found dead at his residence in Gangnam district, Seoul, by his manager. Police suspect that he died by suicide. He was in the middle of his DIFFUSION Fan Con Tour with fellow member Sanha and met fans at one of the tour stops in Manila last month.

The K-pop industry has entered a period of mourning where several groups and companies have postponed or canceled their schedules.

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