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Joe Rogan – Ariel Helwani: Joe Rogan catches Ric Flair off-guard with out-of-the-blue question about Ariel Helwani

WWE legend Ric Flair recently brought up Ariel Helwani during an episode of the Joe Rogan’s JRE podcast. Flair was under the false impression that the Canadian journalist still has a good gig going with Dana White.

After informing ‘The Nature Boy’ about Helwani’s independent venture, ‘The MMA Hour’, Rogan also weighed in on the pioneer of MMA journalism. The UFC color commentator had high praise for Helwani’s show, also claiming to have no issues with the Canadian. The 55-year-old said:

“I don’t have a problem with Ariel. I like Ariel. I think his show is great and he is really good at interviewing people. He gets a lot of great athletes on, great fighters on.”

Ric Flair, yet again, was somewhat misinformed about Ariel Helwani being a ‘pretty tough’ guy. The WWE Hall of Famer said:

“Ariel is pretty tough too, right?”

Joe Rogan very tactfully noted that he had never heard of Helwani competing in MMA, before catching Flair unawares with a hilarious question. The JRE host asked:

“Are you scared of him?”

Flair promptly replied:


Catch the interaction below:

The bizarre Joe Rogan – Ariel Helwani feud

While Ariel Helwani’s beef with Dana White is widely known, the Canadian had not feuded with Joe Rogan until recently.

During an episode of the JRE podcast earlier this year, Rogan and Belal Muhammad were discussing the alleged threats received by UFC fighter Sean Brady on his wife’s social media.

A member of Rogan’s staff pointed out that Brady had made the revelation on Helwani’s show. Without any provocation, the 55-year-old said:

I’m good friends with Ariel’s uncle and Ariel is a really great journalist. But Ariel Helwani likes to get people to say things.

This did not go down well with Ariel Helwani, who responded by taking a dig at the multiple controversies surrounding the JRE host. Helwani said on The MMA Hour:

What does it even mean to say that Ariel gets people to say things? This is especially rich coming from a guy who was pushing false narratives and fake information over the past years to the point where people demanded to drop him from Spotify which I never agreed with. I ask questions and people answer them, I move on. He’s Dana’s boy.”

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