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“How is he still employed?”

GM Brian Cashman is responsible for how this current New York Yankees team is constructed. The team has limped to a 13-10 record and is in fourth place in the AL East and many fans have had enough. There have been calls for his job in the past, but rarely after just 23 games.

Cashman spoke with the media:

“We have a really good team, finished with 99 wins last year, got banged up towards the end. We think we’re going to get a lot of those guys back, but how can I add to it?”

The longtime GM built the 99-win team that went to the ALCS last season and added to it during the off-season. On paper, the Yankees have good players. However, their record suggests that they don’t.

Yankees fans, many of whom feel that Aaron Boone and Cashman should have both been fired years ago, are fed up with the excuses and fed up with the team’s performance.

@JLasagna43 Dude is living off a legacy that isn’t even his. He’s won one legit WS (09) & even then he enjoyed the final productive years of Gene M. boys. Cash has changed his stripes countless times & the result is always the goddamn same. How is he still employed?

@JLasagna43 Every single year it’s the “injuries” excuse

@JLasagna43 What we didn’t realize was he was legit asking how

@JLasagna43 Literally the same spiel every year. Next year he’ll say we didn’t win cause of injuries also. This team I see is no different then last years, or the year before that, or the year before that.

@JLasagna43 “We’re going to get these guys back” Actually they are all still hurt and more people got hurt

@JLasagna43 Everyone can debate Cashman’s overall legacy but his last several years have been terrible. Last years 99 wins was the product of one 52 game stretch where they went an amazing 42-10. Besides that they were absolutely pedestrian, just like 2021, 2020. Squandered a legit WS window

@JLasagna43 Well at least he said he’s simple so I’ll choose to just hear that. What does he have on Hal that keeps him in his job. A huge payroll that we constantly have to dumpster dive. Maybe give Boone a longer extension plus more for yourself

@JLasagna43 LOL yeah, injuries. That’s why the yanks embarrassed themselves in the ALCS. Injuries. 🤣🤣🤣

Yankees fans don’t really want to hear excuses. A 13-10 start for a team that went to the ALCS and was expected to compete for a World Series title is inexcusable in their minds.

New York Yankees fans don’t need to panic yet

Despite what New York Yankees fans feel, it is still very early in the season. The season is not even a quarter of the way done and they have plenty of time to heat up. The offense has sputtered, but Aaron Judge and others will get better as the season goes on.

New York Yankees fans don't need to panic
New York Yankees fans don’t need to panic

They will also get healthier. By mid-June, Carlos Rodon is expected to be back. Giancarlo Stanton, Harrison Bader, Josh Donaldson, Jonathan Loasiga and Luis Severino should be back around then, too.

The injury excuse is a weak one for a GM like Brian Cashman to make, but he isn’t in control of that. He can’t predict injuries, either. Adding a legitimate ace like Carlos Rodon to a 99-win team should make them better. They just haven’t been able to find out if it has yet.

It’s a very frustrating start to the season, but the Yankees, at their full strength, are still a good team.

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