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“He gave us all a heart attack”

Aaron Judge attempted to steal third early in the New York Yankees’ match against the Minnesota Twins. He came up short and was tagged out, but the more pressing fact was that he came up holding his hand and immediately went into the tunnel.

Judge has had injury concerns before, missing a lot of games in 2018 and 2019 due to various issues. This sent the Yankees’ fanbase, which has seen their team limp to a 13-11 record, into a panic.

Aaron Judge is back in the Yankees’ dugout and strapped his elbow guard back on, which would seem to indicate he plans to take his next at-bat. So … all good?

Since Judge was the DH, he didn’t have to take the field and he eventually returned to the dugout and even took another at-bat, working a walk and eventually scoring. His fourth at-bat resulted in a single, too.

Judge hasn’t been as good as he was last year, posting a measly (for his standards) 141 wRC+. Still, the Yankees have had very little offensive production save for an 11 runs in four innings outburst on Wednesday.

Judge knows the offense is struggling, as fans do well. They know that if he gets hurt, it will be a long season.

@BryanHoch They’ll have to drag him kicking and screaming off the field. He knows how bad this offense is right now. If he goes on the IL for any length of time we might as well start looking ahead to next year.

He gave us all a heart attack.…

@BryanHoch This is why not just anyone is a captain. It’s sad that this is so rare these days.

@BryanHoch In before after the game Boone says he’s going on the IL because we can’t have nice things

The Yankees fanbase experienced a severe rollercoaster of emotion today. When Judge ran to the tunnel, the entire community held its breath. When he returned to action, they were finally able to release it.

Some fans are still concerned, but if there was any possibility of an injury, they would have removed him. Even in a blowout, he’s had two more at bats and walked and singled, so the concerns can likely be forgotten.

Aaron Judge’s injury concerns are a thing of the past

While it is true that certain players like Giancarlo Stanton appear to be “injury-prone”, injuries are random and can happen to anyone at any time. Aaron Judge’s injury-prone label from a few years ago was the product of a couple of unfortunate events.

Aaron Judge's injuries are in the past
Aaron Judge’s injuries are in the past

Still, he has successfully shed the label, which was previously the biggest and only knock on his game. Judge said he knew that availability was key and he didn’t miss any time with injury last year and looks poised to repeat that feat this season.

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