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Release date and time across all regions revealed

The Community Team of the Season (TOTS) will soon arrive in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Gamers will be excited to learn that EA Sports has disclosed the release date and time for the much-anticipated event. The vote to choose the players included on the roster began a while ago, and gamers have been speculating about the release date of the promo ever since.

Team of the Season is a special time of the year in every FUT game cycle, with the best players across the top leagues in club football receiving overpowered versions to celebrate their achievements.

With the fan-favorite event beginning soon in FIFA 23, gamers will be eager to know when the promo kicks off so they can get their hands on some TOTS items.

Community TOTS is scheduled to arrive this weekend in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

The Community Team of the Season consists of players from various leagues who have been incredibly consistent over the course of the season. With players like Bernardo Silva and Rodrygo spearheading the nominee list, these items will definitely be ones to watch out for in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

When exactly will Community TOTS be released?


As always, the promo will begin on a Friday, giving gamers plenty of time to enjoy their weekend grinding FIFA 23 gameplay to obtain these exciting new items.

The event will arrive on April 28, 2023, at the following times across various time zones:

  • GMT: 6:00 pm
  • IST: 10:30 PM
  • ET: 1:00 pm
  • PT: 10:00 am

These are the usual timings for the beginning of any promo in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The Community roster is rumored to be accompanied by the Eredivisie TOTS as well, giving gamers a plethora of content in FUT.

What will the promo include?


Team of the Season is always replete with objectives, SBCs, and special content in Ultimate Team. Leaks on social media have already revealed some of the player items that will be released as SBCs and objectives during the event, much to the excitement of fans around the globe.

FUT veterans will also be able to get their hands on red player picks containing these elusive special items by participating in FUT Champions. EA Sports has announced that it will be updating rewards for Squad Battles, FUT Champions, and Division Rivals to accommodate these new Team of the Season players, rewarding gamers for their persistent efforts and grind.

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