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Current RAW Champion officially moves to SmackDown in the WWE Draft 2023 

There could be a big title exchange after the WWE Draft 2023. It’s not too often that we see current champions exchange brands- at least ones that hold titles with the RAW and SmackDown names. However, that has officially happened this year, and we may even see a title swap similar to 2020 as a RAW Champion has moved to SmackDown.

Triple H revealed in the WWE Draft 2023 first round that RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair will be moving to SmackDown:

As you know, Bianca Belair is the RAW Women’s Champion while Rhea Ripley is the SmackDown Women’s Champion. In case you’re wondering, the roster changes will officially come into effect after Backlash 2023. At the Premium Live Event, Belair is set to defend the RAW Women’s title against Damage CTRL’s Iyo Sky.

We got a video from the RAW Women’s Champion, who is currently in Belfast doing a European tour. She said that she is excited to be the SmackDown Women’s Champion again:

So far, everything seems to be hinting towards a title swap with Rhea Ripley. Iyo Sky isn’t expected to defeat The EST of WWE. As for Ripley’s fate, she is expected to be moved to RAW in the second part of the WWE Draft 2023 this Monday.

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