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What to expect from Timthetatman and Nickmercs’ new battle royale Project V

Five Fortnite creators have collaborated and are in the process of developing the first creator-led battle royale game, currently named Project V. The title will be built using Unreal Engine. The venture includes TimTheTatman, NICKMERCS, Ninja, SypherPK, and CourageJD, who have already poured thousands of hours into battle royale games, making them more than eligible to provide their input in creating an entirely new release.

Last month, Epic Games released UEFN, more widely known as Creative 2.0, allowing the player community to design, develop, and publish their games in Fortnite. Furthermore, the entire player base can access the personally created mode in the game, giving third-party creators plenty of exposure.

What can fans expect to be included in Project V?

It is super early in the game’s life cycle, and fans can safely assume that the included creators will take at least a year to fully develop and publish it, if not more. However, given all the input the creators have provided on battle royale games and their current state, fans can expect certain standards that will make Project V stand out from other exponents of the genre.

The five creators have experience in various battle royale games, including Arma 3, H1Z1, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Warzone, Ring of Elysium, and more. With knowledge and experience in the aforementioned games, all the best aspects can be taken into Project V.

On the upcoming game’s official website, the creators say with assurance that it will heavily heed the community’s feedback. According to them:

“Project V will be a game that puts community feedback and features front and center. We believe that our players should have a say in shaping the game they play.”

With Unreal Engine for Fortnite’s power, creators have full control over the game’s weapons, maps, mechanics, graphics, and everything in between, giving them the complete freedom to create a title that suits their preferences, which will be driven by the community’s needs.

Creators will most definitely take into consideration players’ feedback from other battle royale games and what they’ve found most infuriating and make sure not to include it in Project V. Skill-based Matchmaking (SBMM), which is prominent in Warzone 2, is one such aspect that is hated by battle royale gamers.


Fluid movement and quick healing are highly popular mechanics among battle royale gamers. Fans can expect these two facets to be included in Project V and a variety of balanced weapons from different classes that make it difficult for them to follow a specific meta, forcing them to use all available weapons.

Moreover, map variety is another aspect highly preferred, most prominent in Apex Legends, which follows time-based map rotation, allowing players to enter all available maps. PUBG also includes multiple maps and allows one to choose which area to play in.

This has been a hot question so let’s talk about it. 🤔

Although the game’s development is still in the early stages, fans can already contribute by voting on the project’s official Twitter account, which posts various polls occasionally asking for feedback.

The most recent poll asked fans whether they want the game to be in third-person, first-person, or both, with “Both” being the highest-voted answer.

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