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Gundam franchise to release a new Gundam Wearwolf spinoff manga

The June 2023 issue of Kadokawa’s Gundam Ace magazine revealed on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, that the Gundam franchise is set to receive a new spinoff titled Gundam Wearwolf. The series is set to debut in the magazine’s next issue, with Yasushi Shigenobu “writing the scenario” and Kei Ito drawing the art. Ukyo Kodachi is credited as an advisor.

The franchise is one of the most popular in the anime and manga industry, with Gundam Wearwolf set to continue carrying the incredibly bright torch. The most recent anime series to be given such an opportunity is the Witch From Mercury anime series, which is currently releasing episodes for its second season.

While With From Mercury is incredibly popular, it remains to be seen if the upcoming manga spinoff will find a similar niche and acclaim.

Manga spinoff set to be titled Mobile Suit Gundam Wearwolf

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The spinoff, which will be fully titled Mobile Suit Gundam Wearwolf, is set during U.C. 0087, during the three-way conflict between AEUG, Titans, and Axis. AEUG, Titans, and Axis are the major factions in the series, whose conflicts are typically the focus of the title. The upcoming spinoff will center on a new mobile suit named “Wearwolf,” hence the spinoff’s name.

The franchise first began in 1979 with the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series. The series in fact began as an original anime but has since been retold and incorporated into various supplemental manga series. Since then, numerous anime series, anime films, manga series, novels, toys, and much more have been created as a part of the franchise.

Most recently, the original series has been remade into the 0079 manga. This retelling is still ongoing as of this article’s writing with the 0079 Episode II Luna sequel, first beginning serialization on November 26, 2022. Thanks to its continuous new series and retellings of prior works, the franchise has managed to stay relevant even after more than 50 years of existence.

Two especially significant series released in the franchise in recent years include the aforementioned Witch From Mercury series and the Iron-Blooded Orphans anime. Both have revitalized the love for the franchise in recent years, which is the presumed hope for the Wearwolf spinoff from a manga standpoint.

Unfortunately, there is currently no available release or serialization information for the Mobile Suit Gundam Wearwolf series beyond what is mentioned above. Thankfully, with the series’ release being imminent, fans should know more sooner rather than later.

Be sure to keep up with all anime, manga, film, and live-action news as 2023 progresses.

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