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Pokemon GO community mocks Niantic mail after quitting game due to Remote Raid changes

Pokemon GO has been embroiled in controversy lately, particularly when it comes to changes made to the remote raiding system. An entire pushback campaign known as #HearUsNiantic has sprung up, and many players have even boycotted the game until Niantic meets certain expectations. However, it appears as though the company is hoping to bring players back to the mobile title with a few rewards.

One such example was pointed out by Pokemon GO Redditor RebelSpeed, who posted a screenshot of an email from Niantic reading, “We’ve missed you.” The email offers a free promo code for in-game items. However, the player was not swayed by the offer, remarking, “Not buying my attention Niantic, try harder.”

Pokemon GO fans react to Niantic’s attempts to bring players back to the game

It should be noted that Niantic and Pokemon GO are not the first to send out emails in an attempt to bring back inactive users. This tactic is utilized by companies everywhere, well outside of the gaming space and within it.

However, many fans lampooned Niantic in the comments, remarking that the rewards that the company would provide wouldn’t be worth players returning to the mobile title. For many players who have already departed the game, the developer’s attempt to coax them back with a few Pokeballs or Potions isn’t going to cut it.

Former Pokemon GO player LankyEmergency7992 put their decision to leave the game in a broader perspective. To hear them tell it, they are saving money and are enjoying life much more since leaving the game after Niantic’s controversial stance toward the remote raid system.

The changes announced in March have burned parts of the playerbase, many of whom have health or location-based reasons for being unable to access in-person raiding, which Niantic seems steadfast in supporting over remote raids.

The pushback against Niantic and the direction of Pokemon GO has been raging for months, or even years, for some players. However, changes that limited remote raid activity and increased the price of Remote Raid Passes were the final straw for some fans.

To prevent Niantic from collecting money via microtransactions or selling location data, trainers have uninstalled the game and refused to return until the company makes substantive changes. However, it appears that Niantic is sticking to its current plans and hasn’t made much of an effort to earnestly respond to its fanbase’s concerns.

Despite the outrage over the recent changes, many players are still active and are more than likely still providing Niantic with plenty of income. While some fans may see these emails as the company getting desperate to bring back its departing trainers, it’s more likely that this is standard procedure for the company and that its bottom-line profits haven’t been heavily influenced.

There isn’t quite enough data or stats yet to confirm just how much the fan pushback has harmed Niantic. Perhaps things will come into clearer focus in a few months as the event calendar for the game continues.

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