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Preliminary Spoiler
Aug 29, 2023
Preliminary (327/327 chp)
VAGABOND MORE LIKE VAGAPEAK No bro you gotta read this It will change you mentally The way the character in the story passes from a young and angry boy without meaning to a man that's more mature strong and calm vagabond showed me how to behave when you face adversity it vagabond is one of the greatest manga you can read right now anyone can read vagabond and learn from it but if you're a young man or a teenager you GOTTA read vagabond it is not just a manga it's a whole journey in the life of the main character Shinmen Takezo later on ...
Aug 29, 2023
This manga was unbelievably well written. I couldn't believe how complex and fleshed out the characters were. There are only a few people who can write like this. It was twisted, explicit and even disturbing at times. It's got heartbreak, not being able to move on, selfishness, loving, and being loved.

To the people who are like "this is illegal omg" are you the law enforcement? This manga deals with insanely complicated feelings. The writing and the characters do not have the obligation to be moral. They are DISGUSTING yes, but that's what makes them so human. Art and deep human emotions cannot be made with ...
Aug 29, 2023
Preliminary (5/? chp)

This romance manga can be summed up as a painfully slow read, causing the enjoyability of it be pretty low as nothing exciting or enticing happens throughout the long chapters. There’s no underlying plot twist nor the drama to make this unique in any way. If there is any way to compensate for the lack of drama then it’s through wholesome moments, but this doesn’t do that well either; the author seems to be taking a more serious approach, so most of the wholesome moments don’t come off cleanly. That being said, the fmc is somewhat developed so that’s the one small thing the manga ...
Aug 29, 2023
Preliminary (30/? chp)
Hey everyone,
the reason I'm writing this review is because in my opinion the score doesn't really reflect this manhwa.

Yes, it's a kinda generic romance, with a slow progress and a fluffy atmosphere. But:

It's a really enjoyable plot. Every chapter is full of really enjoyabe and funny situations.
The characters are quite likeable as well. If they are generic, it's only for comedic purposes, and imo it isn't excessive yet.
The art is intresting. It's a little bit minimalistic, but it's clear, and easy to read. (The FMC is beautiful as well)

I don't want to write too much, but I think all in all, this manhwa ...
Aug 29, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (47/? chp)
It starts out quite unique. It has all the familiar hallmarks of an Otome Isekai, but it is not an isekai. It is simply a romance set in a european medieval fantasy setting.

It is about an illegitimate child who escapes from her family to a mountain cottage. Where she enjoys her newfound freedom while toiling (not unhappily though) to make the cottage liveable.

It quickly abandons this setting however and it turns into a very formulaic Otome Isekai (-isekai) with the standard mansions, maids, buttlers, balls, and extravagant spending on jewelry and dresses. It does not do any of this poorly however. And uniquely the ...
Aug 29, 2023
Mixed Feelings
As always Shintaro Kago is pushing the boundaries, his art style is likable, and this manga does not stray from it.

Story was decent, in the beginning it felt like a couple one off's with same characters but in the last chapter I wish the end tied in with the previous chapters instead of it feeling just like he wanted to get it over with.

The princess should have been more developed as a character instead of being just a quirky awkward BPD edgy girl.

Readers should read some one off's to get an idea of what topics and tropes Kago uses, as they are defentely not for ...
Aug 29, 2023
Preliminary (132/190 chp)

I'm 3 volumes away from finishing this and it's one of if not the best manga I've ever read. The plot is complicated but incredibly well crafted, all of the characters are just fantastic. It's incredible how many 10/10 characters there are, and not a single one I hate. The plot twists ar amazing as well as the mysteries that are in this manga
I love Q Hayashida's art so much. It's bizarre, funny, grotesque, detailed, bloody, gory, serious, and yet it somehow perfectly fits the tone of the manga.
Both the comedy and the drama balance each other out and both are done just perfectly. ...
Aug 29, 2023
Preliminary (46/? chp)
This manwha is just amazing.

I've read tons of manwhas of this genre but this is without any kind of doubs one of the best otome isekai I've ever come across.

The main reason I decided to give this manwha a shot is its art and the only thing I can say about this matter is that it's astonishing. All the characters are amazingly drawn and the amotions are really well portrayed.

The story is pretty good and entertaining. Furthermore, it adresses very interesting topics (even if some of them could be delicate to some people) so you could consider it a plus.

The characters, both the ML ...
Aug 29, 2023
Preliminary (7/? chp)
Finally a manga that takes place in the real world but doesnt take place in Tokyo, the story is about a guy moving from tokyo to a highschool in hokkaido in the middle of the winter there he meets a gal girl that is cheerfull and likes to tease him so they become friends (obvious spoiler: she is a romantic interest) in the next chapters the manga introduces another romantic interest and the story continues (i am writing this review too early i am in like chapter 7.3 the manga will prob add more girls)

Plot: (7/10)
Art: (8/10)
Characters: (7/10)
Overall: 7/10

it doenst take place in tokyo sth ...
Aug 29, 2023
Mixed Feelings
É um mangá padrão da Sakisaka, bastante drama e romance (Eu sou suspeita pra falar pq Ao Haru Ride é uma das minhas obras de shoujo favoritas).
Eu comecei essa obra esperando que fosse algo melhor construído, visando o fato de que é uma obra mais atual da autora, não esperava algo tão enrolado/lento quanto Strobe Edge e nem tão "melancólico" quanto Ao Haru Ride e acabou que teve um pouco dos dois, um casal se desenvolve mais rápido, mas ainda com aqueles tantos eventos que acabam atrasando desfecho e irritando um pouco o leitor -menos que nas outras obras, na minha opinião-.
A construção das protagonistas ...
Aug 29, 2023
Preliminary (1/? chp)
It's an adorable and fluffy series with a tinge of drama and a realistic portrayal of a disorder one of our main cast will be revealed to have. The characters aren't that rounded nor are they flat, its kind of in between where they have layered stories and reasons for doing things they do but hasn't explored that much except show us that something like that happened to them.

If you're not a fan of a story where almost nothing bad happens, this might bore you because its just them eating with an air of sexual tension and also romance

Tasfh kawhflahmsfilailskahfkxsjagekuvnukbh canwxhfkmzsnhfckmlxaehskldfnchqKLWHFXLKSEH
Aug 29, 2023
Preliminary (1/? chp)
This is a must read lesbian series!!! It's not the same fluffy stuff you always get with wlw mangas nowadays but a realistic outlook on relationships and sexuality. Just as it shows the beautiful side of love, it also shows its much more cruel part that lets us see how hard it is to actually maintain one. This series portrays that very well!!

The main cast and some of its supporting cast are extremely well-rounded characters, they're written in a way that conveys their flaws perfectly and the story is set for them to better themselves of that flaw and cope with the mistakes they ...
Aug 29, 2023
This manga is incredible, from the start it has a cool concept, nice jokes and a mc that makes things much more interesting as the story goes on. From the people he is gonna befriend to his enemies, nothing is left behind as is important at some point. 10/10 recommend it everytime.
Obviously the mc is not a complete powerhouse that destroys everything, we get to know his struggles and past over time making him much more human.
Nothing is predictable in this story, from how he begins, and how he uses what he knows to survive is a completly unpredictable
Aug 29, 2023
Preliminary (1/? chp)
The "straight girl paranoia" gag gets old yes but there's a good reason why the senior is so guarded. It's pretty fucked and a social commentary on society, especially Japan's society on women. There was a breakthrough between the two though. It has drama that hits you and light moments that proves the saying "comedy and tragedy are two sides of the same coin"

The characters are written really well. They didn't act unreasonable, except for the senior of course with the gag of straight girl paranoia, but everyone else was fine.

The gag does draaaaaag on for a couple more chapters than it should've and ...
Aug 29, 2023
Preliminary (1/? chp)
The manga is really fluffy and written for sapphics (same sex attracted women) if that's what you're looking for. There's very little I can complain with this which I'll touch on it later everything about this series is fluffy and cute! The characters aren't quite fully formed yet since the premise is pretty straightforward. That changing or not is something I do not care about since I'm already fulfilled with how things are going except for one thing.

As I write this review, the childhood friend, who is THE premise, is being set aside and I'd like for there to be a bit of progress ...
Aug 29, 2023
Preliminary (1/? chp)
It's been super great so far, the drip of the other mc is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool! The drip in general in this series have been super cool, author has a fashion sense thats for sure. I have only little to complain about this series and even then, its not something i dislike about the series.

This is a slowburn type of romance and I mean SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, like you'll be paranoid if this is going to be bait or not but no worries, I think i remember the author on twitter confirming that they don't fuck with that baiting shit. It might feel dragged out if you're not ...
Aug 29, 2023
Preliminary (79/? chp)
I need animations of these transformations I beg of you.

The story of Magilumiere is honestly really great!
The premise is unique in how it treats the function of magical girls, adding technology for harnessing magic is something I haven't seen in any magical girl show or manga so far, often the genre relying heavily on the idea of Gods. I don't want to get too heavily into spoilers because it's never fun to have your review repressed - but overall it's a very good story, diving into the corruption of big business and money hungry politics and wrapping it all neat and tidy with a ...
Aug 29, 2023
Mixed Feelings
I followed Kimi no Namida wo Nomihoshitai weekly when the releases were regular. The art is quite good, with detailed character designs. The pacing of the story is decent, with a good balance of comedy and drama. However, after finishing the story, I didn't feel the satisfaction that I usually get from completing a series. The characters lack depth, and the plot seems to be only surface-level. The supporting characters are mostly one-dimensional. The plot is also quite predictable, and there are no major twists or surprises. Overall, I would say that this series is a decent binge-read if you're looking for something light and ...
Aug 29, 2023
The only flaws from this one is the pacing, see unlike the other guy, I've read the other manga version first before this reboot version, In the old manga, it was more flesh out, the story pacing is all right here there's a lot they skip, I'm assuming because the first manga just ended a year after this reboot version's serialization so to them it makes sense to rush the arcs that the first one already tackled, the problem is that those who didn't read the first version, to them it's confusing but to be honest the story is quite average, they we're minor differences ...
Berserk (Manga) add (All reviews)
Aug 28, 2023
Preliminary (382/? chp)
[I saw many "not-recommended" reviews as dismissive and short. It prompted me to write one myself as I revisited the series to condense my perception of it. The review has major spoilers so reader's discretion and all that.]

Let's get straight to the bone with the negatives as the positives have already been done to death. I don't like at all how mangaka Kentaro Miura handles female characters which is only a complain to some if you make it one. However, there's much more to that. There are major problems with Casca. She — like most female characters of Berserk — has been heavily sexualized (for ...
Aug 28, 2023
I recently finished a reread of this manga and enjoyed it just as much if not more than the first time around.

Iryuu is a must-read if you like realistic fiction. The story is balanced between plausible events and the touch of suspension of disbelief that makes one more entertaining. The motivations of each character are understandable if not always admirable, and their interactions follow that same winning mix of realistic and fun.

Something that I only realized after reading was that we are very rarely, if ever, shown the internal voice of Asada, despite being the main character and pretty much everyone else ...
Aug 28, 2023
Preliminary (17/? chp)
In terms of tone & structure, Soara and the House of Monsters is comparable to Delicious in Dungeon, The Knight Blooms Behind Castle Walls, Dinosaur Sanctuary, and Alchemy in No Man’s Land.

So far, this manga is an episodic travelogue that contains neat fantasy world-building. Every few chapters are organized into "Architecture Files"; essentially, the main group stumble upon monsters in desperate need of places to live & work. They brainstorm the monsters’ specialized needs and tackle architecture, engineering, interior design, and gathering materials - all while respectfully working with the unique environments.

The crew tailor the homes to the monsters' desire, and the mangaka gives extensive ...
Aug 28, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (7/? chp)
Are people be confusing this doujin with the manga version? Am I missing something?

Aside from decent artwork there is nothing special about this doujin. The story is mindless sex, nothing more. The characters have an okay gimmick: demon lady, orphan boy, but because the story is non-existent this gimmick only amounts to fluff text and an alternate costume.

Apparently this is the highest rated doujin on MAL? We live in a very sad reality if the #1 best is only slightly better than a random average work. You would have to spend 10 minutes searching for this doujin on various websites, and I see no reason ...
Aug 28, 2023
Preliminary (7/? chp)

From the title, synopsis, and the cover art alone, I thought this would’ve been another overpowered mc, harem trash manga that we’ve seen done so many times before. However, I went into this with a grin off my face, knowing that I love reading that sort of trash. But oh boy, this manga absolutely shattered all of my expectations by not following the generic script done numerous time and time again. Instead of the usual trash we get, the comedic timing, plot, art and characters, make this manga feel like a cousin of “Eminence in the Shadows.”

If you’ve read “Eminence…” then it’s clear the ...
Aug 28, 2023
Preliminary (20/? chp)
I've read about 20 chapters now and I found it very enjoyable. I found it when I read the authors other work called, "Toshishita Yankee wo Oseru Ken", which I really enjoyed. They are both quite very similar. I wish the author would have continued the story. Anyways, Kawaii nante Kiitenai!! is a story about an otaku girl who loves reading comics that falls in love with a good-looking boy who doesn't trust women. (First, he is sour then he is sweet) After getting to know her well he begins to have feelings for her because she's not like other girls who are after his ...
Aug 28, 2023
Preliminary (12/? chp)

This manga is as if SAO was romance centered and that version of SAO had a very, very sloppy orgy with “Gamer” and “Girlfriend, Girlfriend.” So in other words, this is an absolute dumpster fire; yet, it’s almost as if the author is self-aware and he/she doesn’t take their work too seriously, so they incorporate the most bare-bone cliches and drama to drive the plot. Somehow, this is oddly enjoyable and funny with the comedy and stupidity of the characters (mainly the mc).

Of course, there’s going to be everyone’s nitpicks of a lack of realism or cringey/idiotic moments, but it’s a rom-COM manga for ...
Aug 28, 2023
Preliminary (20/? chp)
How can a chance encounter with a mysterious man change life for our "Hero of Justice?" Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei dives into the hearts of people through gemstones. It follows Seigi working under Richard, as they engage with various personalities and gemstone related situations. Written from Seigi's point of view, a complete amateur in gems, readers get to experience this new world unfold through his eyes.

The story is interesting and unique. In each case, Richard and Seigi deal with different clients and different gemstones, often diving into topics related to social issues. The way the series approaches the relationships between people is carefully thought ...
Aug 28, 2023
tl;dr: A manga that chronicles how a fantasy world evolves with a massive amount of depth and a large cast of fleshed out and interesting characters, though it somewhat fumbles things with it’s main characters towards the end and has pretty weak art.

Maoyu is a manga that takes an incredibly generic and generally shallow premise, a struggle between a hero and a demon lord, and uses it to tell an incredibly unique and insanely deep story with it. The manga begins with the Hero coming face to face with the Demon Queen and ready for a fight to the death. However, she instead asks him ...
Aug 28, 2023
Preliminary (12/? chp)

Coming into this, I expected nothing but a weird, sexual read that should be wiped off planet earth. However, colored me surprised because this is actually written decently well with a morally right mc.

There’s this initial introduction of sexualization for the daughter, but the manga treads on the line of creepiness, psychological, and horror that gets revealed in the later chapters. Oddly, the best of written characters appear in creepy mangas, because oh boy, this really does have well-fleshed out characters that make the plot more lively.

Apart from the characters and plot, the manga lacks some extra backstory that would cause this manga ...
Aug 28, 2023
Preliminary (4/? chp)

Sheesh. By the chapter, this manga just gets worse and worse. I don’t even know where to start off with due to how many wrongs this manga contains. Well, out of all the bad, the characters undoubtedly are the worst part about this.

The characters are initially seen as incredibly shallow, however, with the preceding chapters, there surely is going to be some form of development to make the characters more likable and deep, right? No. Despite being a magical girl manga, somehow, the waifu was written crudely, somehow making her unbearably dislikable. This same thing applies to the mc, as they are both shallow ...
Aug 28, 2023
This manga has very little to offer beyond an interesting premise. The disease is quite terrifying due to how violent and contagious it is, but it's not really developed any further beyond that, which is a serious drawback as it's really the only interesting part of this manga. The art feels very lacking, the characters are all bland and uninteresting, and it doesn't feel like the reader is ever given a reason to care about them, which makes the fact that any of them could get infected and die at any moment very unsuspenseful. The woman with the Ebola fetish is the only character I ...
Aug 28, 2023
A charming collection of unique short stories. The real meat of the manga is with the first story, "To Strip the Flesh," which follows a transgender man who has to weigh his own happiness against meeting his father's expectations. It's a refreshing portrayal of the relationship between a transgender child and their parent, and how they feel the need to repress their own identity to make their otherwise supportive parent happy. It's a story about breaking away from your parents' expectations, and recognising that you deserve to take control of your life and be happy, even if you risk hurting them. It's also a story ...
Aug 28, 2023
Mixed Feelings
this manga is good little boring it's like watching a turkish serie without love xD tho it's good not too dark not too surprising the only surprise is the rating in this website ..

it's interesting that some people prefer a manga with a bird face over a manga for ninjas or hunters or a psychic !!
it's even more interesting that people would love regular life story and the problem we face on a daily basis over something epic that we can never encounter like why are you guys reading manga.. go read books manga is an art is a world you can get into not ...
Solanin (Manga) add (All reviews)
Aug 28, 2023
Asano chose a theme fairly common to write about: dreams, happiness and youth. He chooses a personal perspective on these topics, following the life of Taneda and Meiko who leave together in Tokyo, struggling to find their own place in the world in their early twenties. I like how he did it, giving the voice of the dreamy youth to a character, that's why this is so relatable, everyone (or maybe not idk) dreams and have hobbies that they wish they could make a living with it, and how painfully it is if you can't do it? Are you willing to sacrifice almost everything you ...
Aug 28, 2023
Preliminary (44/? chp)
And you thought it couldn't get weirder than the vending machine isekai. But jokes aside, this is a underrated manga.

Story: 7.5
Of course, we're all here because of Putin as this whole plot is pretty much a parody of him. He's called Purchinov here and he is the leader of a alternate russia and is very passionate about riding everything from tanks to various animals. He gets transported to Isekai and thus opens a new door for Putin's adventure of riding and taming monsters. Compared to the average Isekai plot, this is above average. The world building, writing, as well as the comedy are executed pretty ...
Aug 28, 2023
Fantastic series - the description on MAL doesn't do it justice. I'm not sure how and why, but it somehow ended up being one of my all-time favorites. Keep in mind you need to be in a specific mood/mindset to fully appreciate it, though.

There is something eerie about how 'Shiosai no Majo' blends nostalgia, serenity, and a light, yet poignant dose of philosophy - all wrapped in touchingly beautiful art.

Short, yet succinct, the manga encompasses 13 chapters. Each of them features a specific 'case'. Most of the time the 'cases' involve a character that's based either on fables/mythology, or existing human history. While not plot-based, ...
Aug 28, 2023
Preliminary (71/? chp)
The first volume is more traditionally a mystery novel than the rest of the series. It has a case, the narrator acts as the detective who the solves the case, and a blue haired girl named Tomo Kunagisa acts as his assistant. Nisioisin subverts a couple tropes to keep things fresh – the detective, rather than being an all-powerful Sherlock Holmes type figure, is largely unimportant and incompetent relative to the genius-level intellects of the people on the island. The plot is very tight. It’s clear a lot of thought went into considering the case from multiple angles. Nisioisin does a good job at wrongfooting ...
Aug 28, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Let me state first that this manga is barely available anywhere on the internet, but I could find it because I'm such a Manga Freak! Simply put, Kiseijuu Reversi explores the emergence of parasytes from the perspective of Tatsuki Hirokawa, the son of Takeshi Hirokawa.

This doesn't explore the same themes or add anything new or interesting to the Kiseijuu universe. The story offers some interesting ideas — as the title says, it is basically a "reverse" version of the events — but the issue is they are the kind of ideas that are interesting only by virtue of the contrasts they draw with the original ...
Aug 28, 2023
Preliminary (60/? chp)
Spoiler free review, because series needs a plot, to be potentially spoiled.

Another high school isekai/harem series where teen-looking girls have jumbo tits, air in their brains and plot is held by overused jokes, tropes and fanservice. And it's not fun at all. It's not self-aware comedy, it's generic, safe, predictable, no story, no substance, no characters' growth, no plot, series. Watching rocks becoming sand in the spar of 50mil years in slow motion would be slightly more interesting than going trough this series again.

In general the best things about this series is art, which is very eh... boring. Looks like another Ichigo100% copy, but now ...
Aug 28, 2023
Preliminary (108/? chp)
I just made account to write a review about Tomodachi Game. It's my first time writing review about an manga. If you are into psychological and suspense genre of manga to read, I recommend you this. I am on currently chapter 108 and still I am loving it, the story, the characters, the manga panels and the most of all psychological thriller and manipulation.
If I say something about story, I would say that the story is not predictable, sometimes you wonder what would happen now then all you expectations will be ruined. The story goes beyond expectations and blows mind.
The main character Katagiri Yuichi is ...
Aug 28, 2023
This is a story of two people who have autism and are trying to just live. This story will make you cry, laugh, and make your heart hurt. If you are neurodivergent and have gone through abuse (... like me) this story will hit close to home. I stayed up till 2 am trying to finish this manga as i was completely hooked emotionally in these characters. Although I will say at times this relationship can be toxic, i do truly think these characters are learning, and growing together. The portrayal of mental illness was done pretty well for the most part, I do think ...
Noise (Manga) add (All reviews)
Aug 27, 2023
Preliminary (21/23 chp)
very good recommend reading, characters are nice and so are their brief backstory. if you like manga i think you like this .

Is the story unique? If it was predictable, did you enjoy it anyway because you like this genre/set-up?
Do you think the art style is fitting for the story?
Were the characters well-rounded? Did they have flaws and strengths, or were they unusually strong/smart/stupid?
Did the characters react to situations and events in a realistic way?
Do you think others will enjoy/dislike this series, even if you didn't? Why?
Aug 27, 2023
Preliminary (69/? chp)
This is a truly deceptive manga.

From the synopsis and first few chapters, you'd think this is going to be an edgy, borderline fetishistic (which isn't all that off the mark) story about a little creep who thinks a little too much about killing his own classmates, and that the story would somehow back that up every chapter. Somrthing like Shounen no Abyss.

Instead, this is just a sweet, run-of-the-mill self-insert romance manga between an edgy guy full of angst and the classroom's muse who eats way too much. The main character's dreams of murder stop being relevant and are barely ever brought up again pretty soon ...
Aug 27, 2023
Preliminary (68/? chp)
I feel like this manga's general audience would be people who feel like their value has been placed on them based on what people had wanted from them in their past relationships. Meguro is so used to appealing the needs of he former significant others that she does not know what she wants anymore; that itself resonated a lot for me which got I'm into this manga.

This manga does not give a straightforward answer to what love looks like, its open minded enough to say " just because you disagree, Doesn't mean you cant be friends" most of the manga I've read so far ...
Aug 27, 2023
Preliminary (57/? chp)
Tengoku Daimakyou's story layering is very underrated. They throw clues at you at early chapters which naturally you'd ignore, only to go back to these early chapters after you read a bit further and realise what they were implying back then. The re-readability of this manga is insane.
The mystery aspect and the characterization is fantastic, however it doesn't just spoon-feed you the plot you need to, as i said before, use your head a bit.
I really enjoy both the world and the dynamic between the main 2 protagonists, getting very big Akira(manga) vibes.
The art is very nice, the backgrounds and the worlds especially are ...
Aug 27, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (13/? chp)
This manga from the jump is pretty much a typical hentai plot. Chick has a lot of sex with a bunch of dudes, and then the self insert nerdy dude gets lucky and magically has the best dick in the world, thus starts the storyline of, do I need just 1 good dick, or a lot of okay dick? I think this story could've been much better as a college plot instead of high school, but through 13 chapters I dont think it has done anything that would be considered bad, but at the same time, the streamline story seems like I can probably predict ...
Aug 27, 2023
Wow this manga ended earlier than I expected. So here's my review about it.

Story: 6.5
Shijou saikyo no orc-san is basically the Isekai version of the 100 girlfriends who really really really really love you, but have the MC's horniness cranked up to the maximum. The protagonist, Ork, is reincarnated as the son of the hero & orc king and is gifted with uncontrollable powers and is motivated to build his own massive harem of many different races from your typical isekai trope. It has every aspects you would want as an Isekai enjoyer: Harem, Ecchi, Power fantasy action and although there's nothing unique, it is ...
Aug 27, 2023
Preliminary (51/? chp)
First of all, I will highly recommend this manga to those who are looking for a good fluffy rom-com. And I can assure you that it will definitely be worth your time. The art is mind-blowing. Each chapter has one color panel of Chihara with various fashion designs which was refreshing to see.
Well, without further ado let's talk about the plot. Our protagonist is an average boy[not a mob] who got the neighbor sit beside the Jirai girl. At first, the MC becomes wary because of the rumour of his neighbour Jirai. But he didn't ignore her rather he became friends with her and got ...
Aug 27, 2023
Preliminary (14/? chp)
Pretty much what the previous reviews have said. The virus theme is underutilized and literally nothing about the story, art nor characters stand out from any other dime a dozen isekai mangas.

Story: 5
If you don't mind bland Isekai and is just here for a time waster, it will do. But if you're actually expecting something from the virus gimmick, this is a waste of time. He reincarnates as a virus and he can do virus things and that's pretty much all to it. The story continues on as any other generic Isekais out there.

Art: 5

Characters: 5
Mc has op abilities, main girl gets saved and ...
Aug 27, 2023
Preliminary (7/? chp)

The classic genre of an age gap romance never seems to get old, does it? From the title alone, it’s blatant the mc secretly cultivated a harem during his second life, so there’s not much of a creative direction. However, despite the degenerate-like read, it’s pretty enjoyable via the main cast.

The main cast are written pretty well by having legitimate reasons to love the mc, while the mc thinks like a man of his age. Apart from them however, the rest of the side characters are purposely and painfully made to fit their role; for example, bad guys do an obvious bad guy move ...

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