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Rewatching, Why do you do it? or Why don't you do it?

Aug 26, 5:10 PM
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Dec 2014
Greetings dear good MALers, hope it's a nice day for you all today as you are reading this....

I am a rewatcher and the reason to do that is to bask in its enjoyment and greatness once more while waiting for next new good anime to watch later.

So those who rewatch anime, why do you do it? and those who don't rewatch, Why don't you do it?

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Aug 26, 5:15 PM
May 2023
I keep rewatching things all the time, sometimes just certain parts of a show I'm thinking about.

But I don't feel a need to keep track of my rewatches on MAL.
Aug 26, 5:15 PM

Jul 2021
I like watching new shows, because I don't know the plot.
Rarely rewatch anything. Only seen my favourite movie twice.
Aug 26, 5:17 PM

May 2019
Because i can never get bored or get enough of the things that i love.

Aug 26, 5:39 PM

Jan 2023
I don’t really rewatch things unless I’m either bored or I’ve been wanting to watch it again, two recent examples being 86 and Love Story with Yamada at Lv999.

Aug 26, 5:46 PM
Mar 2023
I don't rewatch things because I can watch a whole other anime during the time I would have wasted rewatching the same one that I already saw
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Aug 26, 5:49 PM

Jan 2016
The only times I have rewatched an anime was because I wanted my friend to watch it and they wouldn't watch it alone, sort of forcing them to watch it ;)

On my own, I can't really rewatch an anime because I have already seen it and it feels like a waste of time because I already know how a story is going and how it's going to end.
Aug 26, 5:55 PM
Ashen Witch

Sep 2021
I'd say i rewatch a lot of anime, a lot of times it's because for example, a new season's coming out and i've forgot some things so i just watch the previous seasons (also helps me being more hyped about it)

Though overall i just rewatch for the fun of it and how i have good memories of it, and almost everytime i've come to like it more. Most of the anime on my favs are because of the rewatch
Aug 26, 5:57 PM

Oct 2022
I typically don't rewatch anime, there is too much stuff I want to watch. When I do however I have to wait a long time from the last time I watched it so I can enjoy it more.
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Aug 26, 5:59 PM

Mar 2023
I dont really rewatch much anime, and I dont think I would rewatch many of my favourite animes either because nothing is like the first watchthrough. However, I do sometimes go back to watch some of my favourite moments in certain anime, and some anime movies 
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Aug 26, 6:04 PM

Oct 2013
Don't rewatch anymore. Too much stuff to get through without going bach through things I've already watched, and I'm already really slow at that.
Aug 26, 6:20 PM
Tsumi To Kisei

Nov 2021
I try to avoid rewatching because I have too many anime to watch,
The only time I rewatch is when I don't feel like watching something new or because I'm so nostalgic for that particular anime
Aug 26, 6:30 PM

Aug 2010
Last time I rewatched anime were after a long hiatus. I wanted to experience the enjoyment I once had when watching them and it worked, but after that I discovered a lot of shows I wanted to watch so I haven't rewatch anything since.
Aug 26, 6:41 PM

Oct 2020
In some rare instances, I'll re-watch something right away, or within a few days because I liked it so much. I've done this with Haruhi Suzumiya (chrono order and broadcast order back to back), Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (sub then dub, I liked both of them) and Your Name.

I still think it's more rewarding if you are able to wait long enough to forget some parts of the show so you can re-experience it. I liked Evangelion a lot more the second time I saw it, for example. I also recently re-watched the first season of Goblin Slayer for the first time in over 2 years and liked that more on a re-watch too.

And I also like "slow re-watching" some shows, where I'll just really steadily re-watch the whole series over a few weeks or months. I've been very slowly making my way through OreImo and Saiki K again for pretty much all of 2023.
Aug 26, 8:25 PM

Dec 2012
A bunch of reasons:

1. I'm bored ,there aren't any new episodes to watch that day,  and I'm a DVD/BD collector with shelves full of anime I liked to choose from.
2. A new season is coming out and I don't remember much about the last one because it's been a long time, so it's time for a refresher
3. A friend wants to watch some show so it's time for a marathon watch.
4. Just bought the disc(s) and want to make sure they're not defective
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Aug 26, 11:14 PM

Sep 2020
I do rewatch anime, but not that often, I've only rewatched my favorites and some other series a few times.
Aug 26, 11:19 PM

Feb 2020
"Why do you do it?" Because I want to refresh my memories and meet my favorite characters again.

SerafosAug 26, 11:28 PM
Aug 26, 11:33 PM

Jan 2023
I rewatch a lot the animes I loved the most (the ones I rated between 8 and 10) and occasionally the ones I liked fine (rated 6 and 7).
It is nice to get a good laugh once again (comedies) or get the feels one more time (romcoms).
Aug 26, 11:37 PM

Oct 2010
I only rewatch specific episodes/arcs, never the whole anime. I do that because it was too cool not to watch it again, basically I wanna have a good time with anime.
In rare cases that I rewatch full anime, I do it to experience from a different perspective. For example, I rewatched shingeki no kyojin at the beginning of the year because I wanted to see it in my own pace in full BD 1080p quality glory.
I did the same with other anime I love like Bleach, RahXephon, Eva, Ghost in the Shell SAC, FMAB, Prison School, Noein, Death Note
Aug 26, 11:43 PM

Mar 2021
I don't really like to rewatch or reread any series which I finished in past
Unless I am really really bored and have nothing better to watch/read
Aug 26, 11:52 PM

Dec 2021
I only re-watch my favorites to check whether they deserve my rating or not and my 10/10s are based on re-watch value
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Aug 26, 11:52 PM

Jul 2021
i don't rewatch stuff as much anymore but i will every now and again just because i love the show or movie.

Aug 26, 11:54 PM

Nov 2010
I just can't get myself to rewatch things.

I feel like i could be spending that time to watch something i have not seen yet. 
So i have to choose new experiences or old. I'll take the chances on new.
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Aug 27, 12:04 AM

Sep 2018
Because your own taste changes over time, as you gain more experience. A lot of anime were even better on a rewatch, and of course some others were much worse.

Aside from that, good anime are still good even without the surprise factor. If something is less enjoyable on a rewatch because you already know what's going to happen, it means that it wasn't that good in the first place.
NirinboAug 27, 1:39 AM
Aug 27, 12:16 AM

Dec 2014
I've only rewatched Magi and Shinsekai Yori the only reason I rewatched them was I loved both of those anime and it had been a long time since I had seen them. Now I mainly watch anime from my PTW list, but I will likely rewatch some of my favourites again in the future.
Aug 27, 12:17 AM

Dec 2016
It's easier to understand those who do re-watch than those who do not. Why not re-watching? Why not want to re-experience something that provided a significant amount of pleasure in the past? I'll never get that. 
Aug 27, 12:27 AM

Aug 2019
Used to rewatch what I had a lot way back when my access to anime was limited

Now that it isn't, it's worth trying out new ones

Aug 27, 1:46 AM

Jul 2021
I would like to rewatch quite a few shows, but there's so much good stuff going on I don't think I'll ever be able to stop till I die
Aug 27, 1:57 AM

Apr 2023
I usually don´t rewatch stuff, but i do it all the time now for my channel.
Aug 27, 2:01 AM

Nov 2022
Best way to rewatch is to watch reactors on youtube and experience all the great moments again that way, alongside them.
Aug 27, 2:29 AM

Feb 2021
My memory has suddenly gone downhill for the past 2 or 3 years. Before that, I could remember shit kinda easily. Now after watching an anime, I already forgot all about it the next month.

I rewatch when I care about the thing. Most things I rewatch now, are things I originally watched like 5 years ago.

I also rewatch when I show the anime to someone who's never seen it before
Aug 27, 2:57 AM
Sep 2020
I think rewatching anime is a way of experiencing something that you already liked again, and also seeing how much your taste changed, i've actually rewatched all my top 10 anime, and i was really surprise to see how i started to see problems in stories that i inicially thought was perfect, nuances that made some stories even better, and general plot problems in some of them.

I also like to rewatch some series when a new season is coming to remember everything, but it depends on the show
Aug 27, 3:20 AM

Jan 2021
I rewatch anime that makes me feel some type of way, that no other anime can emulate or come close to

Aug 27, 4:32 AM
Neet Specter

Mar 2022
I do, because some anime really help me with escaping reality so I rewatch them when I feel like I need to get away..

Aug 27, 4:46 AM

Aug 2020
Rinrinka said:
Greetings dear good MALers, hope it's a nice day for you all today as you are reading this....

I am a rewatcher and the reason to do that is to bask in its enjoyment and greatness once more while waiting for next new good anime to watch later.

So those who rewatch anime, why do you do it? and those who don't rewatch, Why don't you do it?

Where do you find these cute characters? ^^

Well, for me I consider rewatching needed for a second view of a series, whether you enjoyed it or not. I know that most people don't do it, but I think they should. And by the way, I rewatched Violet Evergarden Movie last night. It was interesting, even though I still don't consider it anything great.

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Aug 27, 4:58 AM

Jan 2021
I've re-watch a lot, it mostly either because I want to watch something I know I'm gonna like or because I want to show someone an anime I really liked. 
Aug 27, 5:02 AM
scientia exitus

Mar 2020
-I love it and want to experience it again
-I haven't seen it in a while and want to see if I still feel the same way about it
-I didn't really like it the first time, but keep hearing good things about it, so I want to give it a second chance with a new perspective
-I want to get hyped up again for an upcoming season
-I may have not given it my utmost attention the first time, so I want to see what I might have missed
-I have kind of run out of anime that I want to watch
-Why not


Aug 27, 5:24 AM

Feb 2021
To again feel the emotions of the work that I like, that is it.
Aug 27, 5:24 AM
Dæmon Prince

Nov 2010
I tried to rewatch, but since I have a good visual memory, it isn't easy to enjoy something I've already seen, especially if I already know the story. However, there's still a chance I might rewatch some of the shows I like someday.

Aug 27, 5:32 AM

Aug 2023
To re-watch favorites of course. Most times I enjoy the anime even more the second time.

Aug 27, 6:11 AM

Apr 2018
Back in the day, I rewatched a lot of anime because the lack of information about others anime and not having a lot quality anime.

( I rewatched GTO 8 times. Just because no other anime had the same vibe ) .

Now, its very rare that I rewatch something; If i'm rewatching something it's just to remind me some moments to be prepared for the new season incoming.

But now there is so much content, that you can't really rewatch something or maybe it means that you have lot of time to waste.
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Aug 27, 6:27 AM

Apr 2018
I rewatch an anime because I am interested if or how my opinion changed on it.

Or I want to experience it again for nostalgic reasons.
Aug 27, 6:40 AM

Aug 2020
I do rewatch shows particularly those i don't remember well.
Aug 27, 6:52 AM

Apr 2022
i'd only wanna rewatch my favorites but i rarely rewatch because most of my favorite shows are quite long, so i'd rather be watching something new instead. i do currently wanna rewatch three shows though, one of which i just rewatched in june.

south cloud
Aug 27, 7:10 AM

Nov 2020
Mostly because there's nothing alike the anime I watched before and it still enjoyable to rewatch
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Aug 27, 7:18 AM

Feb 2023
I rewatch things that I watched a long time ago and don't remember. I also rewatch things I initially watched dubbed so I can watch them subbed.
Aug 27, 7:29 AM

Jun 2019
I rewatch stuff a lot. In my case it's very common for me to enjoy an anime more during a rewatch. I hated FLCL when I first watched it, but now I consider it to be a favorite after watching it again. 

In my opinion choosing to never rewatch an anime or some other kind of media is like refusing to eat the same meal more than once. 
IMATS0UPAug 27, 7:33 AM

Aug 27, 7:33 AM
Jan 2023
I will rewatch something when I want to watch something again because it was very enjoyable. Reason why I don’t usually do it: I don’t have enough time to rewatch all the shows I enjoyed
Aug 27, 7:52 AM

Apr 2018
I only rewatch if the anime met these 3 conditions.

1. It's the anime I really like, at least a score of 8/10.
2. I already forgot at least around 40% of the story or 60% of the details, or both.
3. I have too much time left.
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Aug 27, 8:04 AM
May 2023
I rewatch anime often, especially my favorite shows (Given, Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan). I collect Blu-rays and DVDs so there are times they have scenes you won’t see in the streaming version. Rewatching also helps me notice something new and it’s nice to find something you didn’t notice before about something you like. Same reason I reread manga. I also rewatch before a new season premieres so I can refresh my memory of what already occurred.
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