Aug 29, 2023
Preliminary (9/12 eps)
Mononogatari season 2 completely fails in all Shonen related aspects and has spent the whole season building up tension and setting up cliffhangers just to c**kblock the audience at every possible turn. The anime seems to have a vendetta against the mere thought of letting Hyoma even think about cooking. Episode after episode he has done nothing but be angry and get his salad tossed. I understand that its basic Shonen formula to let your protagonist get his a** beat, but usually this would be used to build tension and give the audience a sense of catharsis when the mc finally pulls out the Glock and overcomes the big bad. However that whole "overcomes the big bad" part never happens leading to this perpetual cycle of disappointment as the audience is left wandering if Hyoma was ever going to do anything in the first place.
If there is an eventual payoff then I will change my review, until then 6/10, romance was okay.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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